• Belek Sun Zeynep Lux Hotel preferred PANETTİ PN5.

• Akın Halı A.Ş. used PANETTİ P5 under carpets of convention centers and meeting halls of the hotel.

• PNP2,5 was used in Özok Residence, luxurious Project of Kayseri Özok İnşaat. Floors will be more quiet with perforated PANETTİ applied under parquet.

• CMB YACHTS, one of the pioneering luxurious yacht makers of Europe preferred Panetti. It applied Panetti products PN8 and PN12 as sound and vibration absorbing material in the luxurious yacht it made in Antalya facility.

• PANETTİ products were used in Ömer F. Kademoğlu villas. Kayseri Kademoğlu Mühendislik used PN2,5 under parquets for heat and sound isolation.

• Sound problem of gittigidiyor.com headquarters was solved with PANETTİ products. Zirve İzolasyon solved its sound problem by applying PANETTİ products.

• Panetti took its place in floors and walls of System İnşaat’s buildings in Libya.

• Panetti Isolation Systems received TSE certificate. Panetti broke new grounds in its sector and continues its path with firm steps.

• GN İnşaat isolated the disco of İğneada Resort Spa Hotel. Hotel guests will be able to sleep much more comfortably in their rooms from now on while disco fun continues.

• Asmaz Enerji isolates historical residences in İstanbul with Panetti products. PNP5 and PN5 Panetti products were used in isolation of Historical Süreyya Paşa Residence in Yeniköy and three storey historical residence in Reşitpaşa.

• Kahramanmaraş Alp Anadolu İnşaat preferred PANETTİ in MaraşPark Project heat and sound isolation.

• Sound penetration between flats in Beylikdüzü Hukukçular Sitesi was prevented by Panetti products. GN İnşaat used 5 mm thick perforated product PNP5 for this detail.

• Özden makine is using PANETTİ isolation products for heat and sound isolation in TCDD wagons.

• İETT General Directorate preferred PANETTİ producrs for heat and sound isolaiton. Aydınlar İzolasyon used PN5 for this detail.

• Yorum İstanbul, the great project of Yorum İnşaat in İstanbul Bayrampaşa preferred Panetti products for inter-flats sound isolation. PN 4,5 products are being used in Yorum İstanbul Project which will include residence, hotel ,business centers and social facilities. Thickness of the product that will be applied under schappe in a 32.00 m2 area is only 4.5 mm.

• Akın Halı Paz. A.Ş. used PN5 in Ankara Ramada Plaza Ball Hall for heat isolation and carpet protection.

• Cantuna İnşaat preferred PANETTİ in its new Project in Bornova Profesörler Sitesi, used PN8 for the whole under schappe application.

• Ketenci İnşaat preferred PANETTİ products as well. It used PN5 in Karşıyaka Zeytinevler Project to cut sound and heat pass between floors.

• Kumburgaz Doğal Yaşam Köyü preferred PANETTİ. Panetti products were used in order to cut sound pass in steel construction houses of Doğal Yaşam Köyü, one of the important projects of Saros İnşaat. Sound pass was totally cut as a result of the application.
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